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Born: 1956 - St. Alban's, Newfoundland.


BA(Ed.) 1978, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Attended University of British Columbia, 1982-1984.

Art Education:

I am basically a self-taught artist, although I have some formal art education from the University of British Columbia, where I took courses in the fundamentals of drawing, painting, design and art history. I have also taken art classes through MUN Extension in St. John's and Corner Brook. In addition, I have taught art at the high school level, which more than anything, has given me a sound grounding in the basics of art.

Art Exhibitions:

  • From 1985-1992 I have shown in the Arts and Letters Competition; winning numerous awards - including a first place finish for drawing.
  • The Jim Baird "NO FISH" group exhibition in Toronto, 1993.
  • I am a member of RCA and I have shown in their Group Showcase, June 1997.
  • Member of VANL and took part in many Mini Art Shows, 1996 - 99.
  • Art Invites Your Company, 1998. Purchase Award Carnells Funeral Home.
  • Only claim to "fame" was with the RCA Fake Auction Show in 1996: my portrait of van Gogh appeared in the Evening Telegram and on CBC!
  • Work can be found in many public and private collections.

  • Titus Hoskins

    Artist's Statement:

    " I like the art of van Gogh, Munch and Bacon; art that has a strong emotional component in them. I like art that reveals the emotions of an artist at a particular place and time in the life of that artist. The art that interests me the most takes its strength from emotion rather than any other visual element."

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