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* "Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I have before my eyes, I use colour more arbitrarily so as to express myself forcibly." Vincent van Gogh

Copy of a van Gogh portriat I did for an Art Fund Raiser for the LSPU Hall in 1996 which appeared in the Evening Telegram and on CBC

* "Nobody explained true art, both in pictures and words, better than Vincent van Gogh.
He has been and always will be the artist I most admire. If you should be so foolish
as to choose the life of an artist - start your journey with Vincent. " Titus Hoskins


* "Fact leaves its ghost. " Francis Bacon


* "Drawing is the probity of art - drawing includes everything except the tint." Ingres


* "I can further execute sculpture in marble, bronze or clay, and in painting I can
do as much as anyone, whoever he may be." Leonardo Da Vinci


* "Art is nostalgia for God."
Alexej Jawlensky


* "Only an eye, but my God what an eye!"
Ce'zanne said of Monet.


* "For me a form is never something abstract: it is always a sign of something.
It is a man, a bird, or something else. For me painting is never form for form's sake."
Joan Miro


* "Without ethical consciousness, a painter is only a decorator."
Robert Motherwell


* "The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows."


* "Paint like a fiend when the idea possesses you."
Robert Henri


* "We work in the dark, we do what we can, we give what we have, our doubt is our passion,
and our passion our task. The rest is the madness of art."
Henry James

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